Now I’m real, and really changing authentically.

A lot of people have been chatting with me recently about my 1 Year without God post. This debate regarding being real vs. being authentic vs. really changed vs. really changing has really brought on some interesting discussions. Before I blog (hopefully tomorrow) about my thoughts I thought it would be cool to share another  perspective.

Once again someone I love very much made an interesting comment to me.  She is a very dear person to me. Someone I respect and love very much. She is wise, another one of my aunties and I value her opinion. She is educated and full of grace. So, to make sure the discussion isn’t one sided (or at least to show you the kind of people I surround myself with) I thought it would be neat to share some thoughts from outside my head. Obviously over active brain’s (not saying my produces much while it’s active but can assure you my auntie’s does) runs in my family. So here’s something to think about regarding the ideas brought up in 1 Year without God. I will be very sensitive to comments on this. I believe there are some great questions here, all of which will add a lot to my dialogue regarding the topic (coming soon):

“Ok so it turns out that everywhere I turn these days I am thinking, talking about this topic …

Here’s a couple things I have been thinking about:

1. If our main concern is about how to be attractive to people, I think we are like the white washed tombs – more concerned about being attractive on the outside than what is really going on inside. I think that is the wrong question to be asking. I think we need to be the people that Christ wants us to be and how that is attractive to other people is the job of the Holy Spirit.

2. I think a lot of this conversation comes out of people not wanting to be hypocrites – pretending that everything is great, putting on a good show and yet that not being the case on the inside. It reminds me of Jesus talking about the Pharisees cleaning the outside of their cup but the inside they leave dirty. (Mt 23:25,26) Jesus was criticizing them for having the outside clean but the inside dirty – hypocrites! But I don’t think the solution is to make the outside dirty also – being real.
I think the solution is to clean the inside also – be changed – or let Christ change you. He REALLY, REALLY wants to change us – to free us from our bondage … we just need to let him. (this is a continuous process – daily dying to self)

I am pretty passionate about this as lately I have seen many, many Christians decide they need to get real with what is going on in their lives. I have seen dads leave their families for ____ – you name the sin – because they couldn’t pretend anymore. These people have ruined their wives lives, their childrens lives and their lives. (Just this week a man I know who left his family to follow his sin just got fired from his job – what a mess!) Anyhow my point is, it would have been so much easier on everybody had they just allowed Christ to set to them free.

Going to a “seeker sensitive” church for years, their message was really to encourage people to embrace the “realness” to embrace the “journey”: they rarely talked about sin and giving it to Christ and leaving it behind. I watched people get really comfortable with their sin because they believed that God accepts them with their sin. The fact is God doesn’t accept our sin. It is not OK. Christ died to cover our sin because it is so unacceptable.

But I think we have to ask the question: why are so many Christians living in bondage? What are we doing wrong?

Anyhow, those are my thoughts.”

Love God and Love others friends. Have a great week. I will blog with you tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Now I’m real, and really changing authentically.

  1. I’ll try again. You are not alone in asking the question “Why are so many Christians living in bondage.” Or to put it more personally, why am I living in bondage in certain areas of my life? Over the last 10 years I have been dealing with this very question, and God has brought people into my life that have shed SOME light on this. To be non-judgemental, I will speak of what I learned. First I learned, sorry this is still too raw, point form,. it involves a religious spirit that is mistaken for God’s spirit (satan as an angel of light), this weakens the faith of the believer so nothing happens when they pray, further weakening faith and leading to prayers that lack the authority and power that Christ gave to us through His blood (and greater works than these shall you do…), and then there are judgements,…we are told not to judge, because then we will be judged and when the judgement comes back at us it can then have power in our lives because we have allowed it by judging others. What I didn’t realize, but had pointed out to me, was that when I judge, I put myself in God’s place. Judgeing is God’s job, not mine. Being transparent, as your friend Victoria? mentioned is part of becoming free. Somehow, admitting sin to God and someone else takes away the ‘power’ of the sin to bind/condemn you, but as she mentioned, you need to carefully (I’d say prayfully) select the people you bare your soul to, people who can help you grow in Christ and will hold you accountable in love without judging. These people do exist. And get rid of the spirit of Jezabel, which is very prevalent in our society (control, manipulation, domination). Let God be God, ask Him what He wants done and then do it, as opposed to planning things and then asking Him to bless them. So much for point form…

  2. Quite honestly I believe so many Christians still live in bondage comes down to being lazy. We know what we need to do: Find a Godly person that we trust, and ask them to hold you accountable. Get into God’s word, and pray about it, and He will help us to over come it. However, many people just don’t do this. Instead they complain about their sin that they struggle with, but don’t make an effort to change it.

    It’s a lot like my issues with my weight. I don’t like the look of my body, and I want to weigh less, however, I never do anything about it. I sit down and eat a cookie. I know what I need to do, I just don’t do it. I instead want a miracle instant, non-expensive procedure to come and make me thin, pain free thank you very much. That is what we are like with sin. We want God to magically, instantly and painlessly take away our tempatation so that we don’t sin anymore.

    The reason so amny Christians are in bondage is because they ultimatley choose to be. I know from my experience the more I am getting into God Word, and spending time with him, the less I tempting those major sins I deal with become. Maybe it’s just me personally though.

  3. Good thoughts Lorna! We DO need to join God in what HE is doing, and not ask Him to join us. We often get in His way instead of working with Him in HIS plan.

    Your Aunt hit the nail on the head, Evan. God’s grace and love for us were demonstrated on the cross and His grace continues to be freely given to us daily. But repentance and change go hand in hand. When we ONLY live by grace, we are missing the point. Jesus didn’t die on the cross so we could continue living in sin. He died on the cross to FREE US from sin.

  4. Pretty much my favourite word-picture in the NT is “White Washed Sepulchers!” (because it’s so terrible). I think: you hear that once and you know exactly what Jesus was saying. Outside, fancy decoration. Inside, rotting dead men’s bones. It’s a powerful reminder to not worry so much what others (or yourself) think and get things right with God.

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