Do Unto Others

Before I start I have to recognize the great discussions coming from my past few posts. I still very much want to divulge into the idea of the Holy Spirit and the evidence of It’s absence in many of our lives. I agree fully and completely that their is some supernatural change that comes when we are immersed in the Holy Spirit. I am equally intrigued by that idea that through and with the Holy Spirit I might find peace from a life long battle. I’m also interested in looking at the times I rather the Holy Spirit not be included because I felt a weakness in someone misinterpreting the Holy Spirit’s direction. For a Pentecostal, I sure felt the need to have everything right on. For some reason I found no grace in others walking through the journey of the Holy Spirit. Why was I so concerned that something not happen right instead of hoping something amazing happened. I fear I have quenched the Holy Spirit instead of the movement of the flesh. You know? I mean by trying to eliminate the move of the flesh in church, we have become fleshly directed because we’ve eliminated the Holy Spirit in the name of order. As I said. I’m interested, and plan on talking about that more and seeing how that really relates to ones change in Christ.

I’ve also been wanting to discuss what Terry brought up about sin and addressing it. I once read in a marketing blog that “unsolicated advice is abuse.” It made me think of Christians calling out sin in unbelievers lives without investing in the relationship that would earn them the opportunity to allow the Holy Spirit to show them their sin.

But let’s go somewhere else today.

I’ve been thinking about the idea of judgement. It all comes from my past few blogs on love, and change and how we are viewed by the world. I guess more specifically than judgement, I want to talk about the core of the judgement we bistow on others. I think by talking about it we might be able to change, to, replace judgment with love. You know love, the thing I’m really into lately. I’m not great at it yet, but I like the idea.

So today on my way home from work I stopped at a record store to pick up a CD. I was waiting in line to pay as the lady in front of me finished her transaction. She walked away leaving the counter open for me to pay for my purchase. I waited to move as the cashier was finishing the transaction and hadn’t made the key eye contact to let me know she is now ready for me. But before I got the look, a lady bypassed me and the rest of the line and put her purchase down. I didn’t react and watched as she finished the transaction. I honestly think she didn’t notice the 15 person line. She seemed to be fairly unobservant. I should say that is a character trait that drives me banana’s. I can’t stand people that have no idea about their surroundings. Its socially irresponsible and annoying. However, I didn’t react. In fact I thought maybe today is the day to talk about judgment.

See the seed of this blog was planted two weekends ago as I played my final regular season hockey game. It was tied with under a minute to go in the game. I got the puck and brought it up the ice. As soon as I crossed their blue line I looked to pass it to our center man. He happened to be there so I passed it and charged the net looking to cause a screen or get a rebound. Unfortunately by the time I got around their defenceman I found myself coming face to face with their goaltender (he was out of his crease a little). I pulled up and we bumped into eachother. It was definitely not a big hit, it was more like a brush by. However if you play hockey you know the goalie is a no fly zone. So as I skated past I noticed the goalie was upset. He was skating at me looking like he was saying something derogatory. I then noticed the defencman skating at me. He was mad and I knew he was coming to body check me. I braced for it and we ended up skating into the boards where he proceeded to punch me in the face a few times. As he was punching me I looked confused and asked him several times if he was serious. I think this made him more angry but I didn’t think the goalie incident was that big of a deal. See, I knew I didn’t mean to bump into the goalie, however, the defencemen judged me by my actions, not my intentions.

So this got me thinking about the idea of intentions vs. actions. Isn’t it funny that we judge ourselves by our intentions, but others by their actions? See when that lady’s action was to butt in line I suspect her intentions were not to. You with me? Imagine how great the world would be if we stopped judging actions but intentions. Imagine if we loved others as we love ourselves? I know our churches would be stronger! I know our families would be better!

We’ve already talked about the idea of going back to the simplicity of our faith. I think this is a practical step we can do to begin the process of reclaiming it’s simplicity. Love others as we love ourselves. Be gracious with other’s actions as we don’t know their intentions. Imagine if that defenceman would have asked me if I was trying to injure their goalie. I would have said absolutely not and we could have high fived. Instead he assumed I did because my actions gave the perception that that was my intent. Let’s try something new friends. Let’s be as gracious to others as we are to ourselves. Let’s love and let’s remember that actions don’t always speak louder then words.

Grace, love too everyone. Cheers.


6 thoughts on “Do Unto Others

  1. Yeah Boss I totally agree. Our actions are most often judged before our intentions are understood. This is where response is more powerful than reaction. When we respond we have time to consider what the intention may have been, and this then creates a time buffer between smacking someone in the head, or giving a high-five.

    My thought to add is let’s give the situation a little time out, it only takes a few seconds to think and respond, rather than judge, react and sentence. Responding gives both parties a chance to get it right, and it is all based in considering others more then ourselves.

  2. I think we can all relate here. Being on both ends, feeling judged and being the one who judges without really knowing a person’s heart. I know I can always use some grace and i’m certain so can others. I always wonder ‘why’ we are quick to judge, even more so, in church matters. Is it about redeeming ourselves or our image, or is it really about doing what’s right? And if we did what was right, then we wouldn’t judge.

    Good thoughts bud, thanks for sharing them!

    Ps: What cd did you buy?

  3. Hey Evan, thanks for letting me know about your blog. I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve read so far. Isn’t it just like Jordan to ask which cd you bought? Take care my friend

  4. Interesting… today I was thinking about love/judging/intentions… I wonder if we judge christians too harshly sometimes as well. I’m sick of hearing people quote Ghandi – “I love your Christ, but I hate your Christians”. As christians have we tried to not fit a “christian mold” to become more attractive to the world? In loving are we compromising? I ponder this often… how are we best a witness? I do believe people won’t want what I have until they see the reality of Jesus in my life. I heard recently someone also point out the obvious about Ghandi, despite his bashing of christian behaviour – if Ghandi didn’t become a Christian he is currently in hell. I guess my actions better mirror my intentions… Not sure what you were meaning in your first paragraph but intrigued.

    • Hi Sara, I just wanted to clarify, Ghandi said “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

      I hadn’t heard the quote until recently, and while I’m not going to base my life on something Ghandi said, I do think it’s a very interesting quote. Most people have a bad experience with Christians and write the whole thing off… he knew enough to know the centre of what our lives was suppose to be, and see an inconsistency.

      Also, the way to heaven is not accepting Christianity and all the packaging that we put it in… “the WAY” is Christ. I have no idea if Ghandi’s in heaven, but I don’t think whether or not he liked Christians or became one would have anything to do with it.

      I do think that at times we can be too hard on Christians, but I also think that there are times when a Christian should be told “You should know better”. Sometimes we lack Christ in our lives and only keep the trappings of the “Christian” culture… which is where the danger lies.

      I’ve recently discovered that it’s all about focus. If we are focusing on the way we THINK a Christian should look, things are going to get out of whack and we will be ineffective.

      If we focus on the WORLD and what WE think they need, things are likely going to get all out of whack and we will be ineffective.

      We focus on Christ… he will be our light and constantly direct our path.

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