The Secret

Well, I have little to say. But I read something that I thought I would share, so I’ve pasted it below. I believe that it ties together with what I’ve been sharing about regarding the Holy Spirit. Humans far to often come up with ideas that make them feel better, or make life “easier”, or make their faith easy.

Reality is we need to do something, not just hope for great things. We need to adjust our attitudes and get to work. The Holy Spirit will have a huge part in this change and the fruit of the work. I could go off on a tangent here about the Clive Pick’s of the world teaching our churches false theology. Truthfully, it doesn’t matter how optimistic or Christian you are. “You can’t have it both ways. You can’t have both free will and a benevolent higher power who protects you from yourself.” Arthur C. Clarke

Church, we need actions, not beliefs. And really, our beliefs should lead us to action. So what are your beliefs? What actions have shown this belief this week? What are the outcomes of your faith. These outcomes are lined up with your actions, and actions are tied to your beliefs. Are your life’s outcomes adding up to the faith you proclaim? I don’t mean selfish desires either! I mean, Holy Spirit lead outcomes. Outcomes that will last long past you do. Kingdom building outcomes. Volunteering at the church, loving your neighbor stuff. Or have you been belligerent to your employees, or strangers? Lacked love? Are you filled with selfish desires or Godly ones. Did you make some money this week? Is it yours to spend and decide where it goes or your houses? These are the outcomes of your faith. And our faith is built on choices. Choices to serve God, believe in God. Choices to sin, choices to love. Don’t blame it on anyone but your choices.

Choose the Holy Spirit!!! Galatians 5. The Holy Spirit can make you the person you want to be.

It’s time for a real faith, a real Christianity. Not the idea of it, or the claiming of it. Anyway, enjoy the read from Mr. Roy Williams.


Optimism for Beginners

I detest the Positive Thinking cult. Yes, you read that correctly.

But I am supremely optimistic.

I see the Positive Thinking cult as the religion of Hubris; man worshipping himself. “I am my own god. I control my own destiny. There is nothing I can’t be, nothing I can’t do, nothing I can’t accomplish. I am limited only by my own thoughts.”

Sorry. I just needed to put that on the table. It’s important to me that you know I’m not a you-can-do-it-if-you-think-you-can motivational weasel selling magic beans to unsuspecting children.

“But didn’t Jack’s beans grow into a beanstalk that reached into the clouds?”

Thank you for helping make my point: IT’S A FAIRY TALE.

Sometimes your very best just isn’t good enough.

But I believe optimism is the gateway to happiness.

Outcomes are determined by actions.

Actions are determined by beliefs.

Your attitude is the glow of your beliefs.

What do you believe about the future? What is your relationship to Chance?

Have you ever met a happy pessimist?

Pessimists prefer the term “realist.” This allows them to reposition optimists as unrealistic airheads who need not be taken seriously. So no, I’m not going to let you pretend you’re neither optimistic nor pessimistic but are merely scientifically “realistic.”

Reality refers only to the current moment: a thing is, or it is not. Optimism and pessimism reflect your expectations about the future. Data is one thing, chance is another. Facts don’t alter the reality of Chance.

What do you expect Chance to bring?

Optimism is surrounded by cliché: “The optimist sees the glass half full, the pessimist sees it half empty.” You’ve always understood this distinction and wished you could see the world more cheerfully, but you can’t help how you feel, right?

Wrong. Optimism is a choice.

Discussions about the future reveal your basic belief system. Whether you call him God or Chance or The Universe or whatever, you believe he is aware of you or he is not.

If you believe he is aware, then you believe he either likes you or he does not.

My position is similar to that of Michael J. Fox: “I believe there is a god and it’s not me.” I believe God sees my flaws and knows my darkness but he likes me anyway. I believe bad things happen randomly. I don’t attribute them to God. Arthur C. Clarke said it best: “You can’t have it both ways. You can’t have both free will and a benevolent higher power who protects you from yourself.” This understanding supports my optimism. It is part of my belief about God.

This is what I believe about you: You are astoundingly, amazingly, unbelievably lucky. Good things happen to you that you don’t deserve. Good things are on the way.

When a bad thing happens, let the ugly pass. Don’t stare at it. Keep your eyes on the beauty that will follow in its wake like a skier behind a boat.

Keep your eyes on the rope. The skier will soon appear, smiling and beaming with good news.

Expect it.

Roy H. Williams

PS – When Pennie proof-read this memo for me, she Googled Michael J. Fox to see if I remembered that quote correctly. What she found is that he published a new book last week. I ordered a copy.


3 thoughts on “The Secret

  1. Thanks Evan! I appreciate what Roy H. Williams said about optimism. I was once told by a British lad that I had mis-placed optimism. Whatever that means 🙂

  2. I tried reading this a few times since you posted it, and I never made it through the whole thing. I don’t know why, sometimes I didn’t have the attention span, or I started when I didn’t have enough time etc.

    The timing has worked out perfectly though, because I think it’s something I needed to hear today. I love how that works 🙂

    Thanks for sharing it Evan!

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