Catching Up

It has been a while since my last blog. In blogging terms it’s been a very long time, but in life it’s only been just over 2 months. And 2 months in life can bring with it quite a bit. The reason for my blogging exile is really…well, there isn’t just one reason. Let me get you up to speed with my life since our last post. A warning this post is not a thought post. I have a few of those coming. This is just a post to let you know what has happened since my last post until now.
My last post was in September. Since then I spoke with the person that emailed me. We had a good hour discussion and I encouraged them to evaluate their position with our church. As I’ve said before in my earliest blog, sometimes a church just isn’t right for you. Instead of trying to challenge and change the leadership, it’s better for you and the church you attend if you just find a church that fits you better. That’s where it was left off. I enjoyed my conversation with this person and believe that we left off in good terms. From my perspective I see a great heart in this person and I hope they saw my heart as well.
So that was the first part of this long journey. From that point I resigned from my job and was in limbo really. I was out of work for a little while and enjoyed some much needed rest. It’s funny, when you’re busy you don’t really realize how warn out you are. But I can say that sabbatical was really needed. My wife and I went to Niagara Falls for 5 days for a mini vacation (she had to work a little) and when I returned I started my new position as a Division Manager for a Building Product supply company. So far (and I say that sincerely as I recognize everything’s great at first) I recognize God’s faithfullness and design in my new role. The stress level is virtually non-existent. I am home every night and the pay is comfortable. The cool part about this particular part of my journey was I was only out of work for 2 weeks (without having a job lined up, I ended up taking another week and a half off). When I left my last job I was given a severance package that would have taken me to January 1st. I managed to finish a few things around the house (sound surround works for the first time ever in our new house), got to spend a lot of time with my boys and with the left over severance my wife and I can take the warm holiday in February that we’ve been wanting to go on without using the money we’ve saved for it!! So this is all good from my perspective so far. And really, all Praise to God.
This past weekend was also very momentous in my life. I was officially ordained into the ministry. It was a great weekend with friends and family (despite the Flu bug). It culminated with the Sunday service in which I was able to share my heart with my church family. Before I spoke I was introduced by my Father. He is someone I look up to very much. The older I get the more human he becomes which has only increased my respect for him as a man and Father. It was an honour to be introduced by him and his words were kind and encouraging. I’m not a teacher, but it was nice to share some thoughts verbally (I basically blogged out loud) with my church. After I spoke I was officially ordained. The cool part was our District Superintendent involved my Grandfather. What a cool memory to have. He has been in the ministry for over 50 years and I will cherish that for the rest of my life.
So it’s funny what can change in a few months hey? Well I will be posting a few posts soon. I believe they will focus on a few different ideas (The offense of the Gospel and I’m going back to Love) of which I hope spark some thought. Blog to you soon.


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