I Hate Jesus, well at least His teachings ~ A Christian’s confession on living Healthy and Wealthy Part 1

A very good friend of mine, well two of them actually have decided Pacifism is for them. They believe it’s the biblical, well Christ like response and honestly I’m not sure I disagree. We discuss Pacifism often and it always comes down to application for me. I can bite on the whole Pacifism thing as long as the rule and measuring stick for the decision on when to be a Pacifist is measured in love. And that’s where I’m not able to fully commit. Why? Well I have a hard time believing it’s more loving to allow a man to rape a woman then it is to do whatever is necessary to stop it. I can hear Lutz already…I recognize this is a “worst-case” scenario but to me if I cannot apply my beliefs to the worst-case scenarios I’m not sure it sticks in the best. Anyway this was all to say a quote about Pacifism they say, and now have pasted on their bumpers. “When Jesus said Love your enemies I’m pretty sure He didn’t mean kill them.”

By the way I don’t hate Jesus (it’s actually quite the opposite). Yesterday was Ash Wednesday. It marks a period of sacrifice for many believers. Though I have yet to figure out what feels appropriate to cut out/sacrifice for Lent the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me on a much bigger scale regarding a life of sacrifice.

What is a Christian? What does it mean to be a Christian? I’m not talking about God’s relationship towards us that allows us to call ourselves that. I’m talking about how we are to respond to that relationship. What a Christian is supposed to be and do. I read a great article today that only deepened my deep thoughts about the subject of following Christ. (I’m going to quote a lot of the article but check it out in it’s entirety;  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/phil-zuckerman/why-evangelicals-hate-jes_b_830237.html?ref=fb&src=sp)

A few weeks ago we had an open forum at our Saturday Church discussing what a life that follows Christ looks like. I was challenged by the Holy Spirit.

It’s so easy as a Christian (if you’re doing this) to defend, perhaps even hang our hat on the fact that we are doing well because we’re giving, and tithing and supporting missionaries etc. At least in my perspective it is. When I received my giving tax receipt I was honestly proud of my wife and I. Man..We did incredible things for the Kingdom of God. What else is there to do?

See for me it’s easy to say well I’m doing well; there isn’t anything more to do. The Holy Spirit nudged me that night with a thought. I felt the Holy Spirit say to me “It’s not what you give, it’s what you spend.” As I shared that with my church family I looked down and noticed I was wearing designer jeans. “See.” I said. “Why did I have to buy designer jeans?” And it goes on and on. Why do I drive the car I drive? Why do I have a house the size that I have? Sure I give, but how much more could I give if I sacrificed more.

Don’t be deceived by a Spirit of apathy. Look at your choices and see if you could have done anything differently to do more for the things that matter. I volunteered at a local soup kitchen and was humbled by the people that I served. I have it great! But I could have so much less and still be great! I have a list of at least 6 people that need financial support and as of right now I’m tapped. Not because I don’t have money, but because I’m giving what I’ve budgeted for already. If I give anymore I would need to downsize my house. Or sell one of my vehicles or maybe down grade them. I might have to wear Wal-Mart jeans instead of Buffalo.

To be continued….


One thought on “I Hate Jesus, well at least His teachings ~ A Christian’s confession on living Healthy and Wealthy Part 1

  1. Interestingly, pacifism was in the Pentecostal constitution originally and was only taken out around the time of World War II (I think it was around WWII). I don’t think I’ve paid more than $20 for a pair of jeans in years…except some maternity ones because you only have so many maternity stores to hit. 🙂 The point of that sentence is I still question how much money I spend on myself/my family that I could invest somewhere else in reaching a lost world. Once you start down that path and really reflect on how you spend your money, living life here in Western society gets harder and harder on you. Keep searching the Spirit for what He has in store for you. And I can’t remember, but have I mentioned “The Upside Down Kingdom” by Donald Kraybill? It’s an older book but I think you’d find it interesting regarding the teachings of Jesus.

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