I’m what’s wrong with the world ~ I hate something yet do it too.

Have you ever read the story of Jonah? I have probably hundreds of times but never noticed something in the story. Jonah was around some pretty terrible people. He was even called to go to some pretty sinful places yet those places aren’t the focus of the story. See Jonah was a good Godly man. He was a prophet. I suspect now-a-days if Jonah was around he’d be like a preacher at a mega church. A guy that has tons of influence and has it seemingly all together. Yet he didn’t. The focus of this story, to me at least, is a man that should be stable in his faith (I’m mean he hears directly from God) yet still runs and focuses on himself. Strange hey, the story isn’t about the people that only thought of themselves (the sinners) it’s about the sin of a believer and how God’s grace is sufficient.

I’ve really been in a strange place. Friends of mine are turning from the faith, church (as in the gathering on Sundays) doesn’t seem to serve a real purpose (as least the way we do it now in terms of the program focus) and I often find myself questioning the reasons and neccesities of what I’ve been raised to believe. I even find myself doing what I hate.

Here’s some clarity on the last sentence. I was driving and a car infront of me had a Jesus fish. Instantly I held him to a higher standard. FRICK! I don’t even believe that that is just, or valid yet I do it. See I would never put a Jesus fish on my car because I honestly don’t think I would represent it well. I’ve blogged for a year about standards and yet I still find myself projecting it. Is it baggage that I carry? Or is it legitimate?

It’s like a riot in me. On one hand I don’t believe it’s neccesary, and on the other I use it to judge others failures. Really Christlike isn’t it?

What do you believe? What do you project on others? If we are gonna Love as Christ did we better get our hearts right. We better figure out what really matters. LOVE (having grace for others failures and recognizing we’re running just like Jonah in some part of our life).


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