Focus ~ One word that could change the World

Have you ever attended a concert, event or rally? I recently finished traveling across Canada with my wife following my favorite band Pearl Jam. It’s rare in my day-to-day life to surrounded by such a motley crew of people. In case you were wondering apparently cut-off jeans, long john’s and Dr. Martins are still in some people’s closets. Every concert gave me the opportunity to see a very diverse group of people. I suspect in normal circumstances I would have very little in common with many of them, however our differences didn’t seem to matter. What mattered was what we had in common.

I was lucky enough to attend a Leadership Conference this past weekend. I was inspired by some great speakers ( was one of them) and was recharged by sometime with my wife and the opportunity to spend time in prayer. I’m sure you can look forward to some posts coming up specifically relating to this time but I wanted to focus on something I heard yesterday during a Board of Directors meeting I attended. In it our Executive Director mentioned the idea of the Micro and Macro of business. The basics of his discussion was the strange reality that businesses in common industry all want to see their industry succeed and grow (Macro) but often lose their focus by looking at others in their industry as competitors (Micro) versus how can they all work together to get common results (Macro).

How often do we do this in our personal lives? How often do you we do this in our spheres of influence?

As leaders it is key that we focus on the Macro!

Each Pearl Jam concert lasted for almost 3 hours. During those 3 hours strangers, democrats, republicans, socialists, conservatives all came together to focus on what they had in common. In that unity our differences were forgotten, but our goals we’re the same.

I wonder how much we could change the world if we as leaders focused our energies on coaching our people to focus on the common goal verses their many differences?

Everyone wants to be successful. I suspect everyone wants to change the world even if it’s just a little. The Church, our businesses, our families need leaders to stop getting out of focus. It’s not a Pentecostal versus Mennonite, or Protestant versus Roman Catholic thing. It’s not a Hyatt Hotel versus the Sheraton. Believe it or not both can be successful. And when both are successful more people are impacted!

As leaders we have the opportunity to bring back the focus. God is God, His commands are His commands (not many of them if you read the New Testament so our focus doesn’t need to be that broad). Your business goals are not your hours of operation, or your inability to ever get your employees what they “need”. If you want to reach the next level of success in Kingdom building, or business pursuits you need to focus on what matters. What you have in common. Your employees want the same things you do. They want to make a comfortable living, be respected and have the freedom to make a difference. The Kingdom of God is full of people who want to Love God and their Neighbour. So why are we focusing on worship styles and what our perceived competition is doing, and how to beat them?

Macro thinking isn’t new, it’s just rare. Let’s focus on the things we have in common, leaving behind our many differences. I think that’s when we’ll hit the sweet spot on the driver that allows us to hit the ball further than we’ve ever hit it.

Love God and one another. LEAD WELL!


One thought on “Focus ~ One word that could change the World

  1. Here is my facebook like. 🙂 I was just saying the same thing about government and political parties (e.g. the Pat Martin f bomb scandal…he’s my MP and I personally cannot stand him but I’m not entirely sure I need to tell him to f-off).


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