Excellence, Perfection, Worship and what really matters! ~ Part 2

What is it about someone that makes you feel valued by them? I have two boys under the age of 6. They give me the most imperfect gifts that warm my heart. I have a drawing in my office that I’ve put up on the wall that my oldest boy drew for me. It makes me happy looking at it. After I put it up my staff would come in and ask about it at which point I

Noah's Bear in Hawaii (Age 5 6/8)

would describe it as a pig on the beach in Hawaii. I found out last night that the pig is actually a Bear. You see it’s not the quality of the work that makes me proud of my son. It’s not his ability either. It’s his desire to give me something, to offer himself and his talents to his Dad. It’s the fact that he thought of me, it’s his giving kind heart; his Character. Sure eventually his drawings will be more skilled but I suspect even then it’s the giving that I’ll be happy with.

It’s funny how though we put a lot of credence into how talented and skilled someone is, the skill usually isn’t the thing that transfers a feeling of love or appreciation to us.

In the idea that we as people, staff members, worshippers and volunteers need to be excellent we often miss the beauty of the natural exchange in the offering. We’ve, without words, said that in order for us, or God to feel loved, respected and appreciated you need to be, or give something that is perfect and excellent. If this was true I wouldn’t pin up the picture my son gave me. Even scarier, if God only accepted great and perfect things I suppose He would only move/be present in the polished churches. The ones that have large rehearsal’s with many professional people involved. You see, smaller churches don’t have the resources to be excellent in comparison, but they can be as excellent as they can be, relative to their situation. I’ve seen God move greatly in these small church venues (usually a rented room in a hotel, or stripmall). They have a character that is servant oriented, one that wants to please its focus of worship. They have a simple focus because they aren’t distracted by the “how church should happen” as much as they are focused on the “how great God is” . They aren’t as concerned with how great their service/church is technically. Sure if you compare the music of a small church to a mega church there will be no comparison in terms of skill or scale, but I bet God likes it just as much (maybe more).  

I wonder what would have happened if Jesus would have been more impressed with Peter’s walking technique then his Faith when he walked on the water?

Don’t get me wrong. DON’T be lazy. As I say to my staff, if you think you could have done better, YOU SHOULD HAVE. However I’d rather a person have a heart to serve, than a desire to be perfect. The excellence and perfection of their work isn’t as important to me as the attitude and character in which they do it. Remember the scripture that talks about the lady that gave the little that she had and how it was worth much more than the offerings of those that gave much more?

Do your maximum and stop expecting others to match your efforts. Let them do their maximum. God is more blessed by Character then He is by excellence and talent. Strive for Character and I suspect your skills will increase too. Bring back what worship is about, offering yourself humbly to God. Work hard and honestly and your boss, your God and anyone you come in contact with will be blessed by you. The beauty of changing our perspective from a performance based economy, to a Character based one is when you screw up you will be given grace, because it wasn’t about you not screwing up, it was about you being willing.  

I could have my worship teams practice more. I could have my staff work longer and train more as well but how will that affect other areas of their life? I’ve never been one to push high expectations on my volunteers, staff, family or friends. Honestly, I’d rather have a great husband and dad who is a terrible guitar player then a great guitar player who is a terrible husband and dad on stage with me. Stop pushing excellence and perfection on your staff and volunteers and help them develop their Character for everyone in their life. You’ll benefit and so will others!


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