A Tribute to a Saint ~ Why death doesn’t scare me as much

Every once and while, without knowing it (which is the sad part), you will meet someone special. This happened to me 10 years ago when my wife and I decided to drive to Saskatoon to check out the church my dad was going to be Pastoring. I’ll never forget the first time I met this person. This person was without hesitation the friendliest, warmest and gracious person I had come across in Saskatoon. In a Province that is known for our easy going, friendly people this person stood out. If you were lucky enough to meet this person I’m confident you would agree.

Over the past few years I’ve gotten to know them and their family very well. Every one of them accepted me for who I was, frailty and all. They encouraged me, loved on me and always made me feel like I was the most important person in the room. This “Love without caveats” was something you read about when reading about Saints and heroes of humanity. I am lucky enough to be the recipient of it in Saskatoon.

Our church exists on this heritage, largely due to this founding family. They believe in volunteering and growing the Kingdom of God. They believe in easing the burden of others in our church. Simply put, the Heritage Maryjo and Jean Marie have passed down to their boys and grandchildren is something so special we usually only read about it, and we are lucky to have these values in our churches DNA because of them.

What’s do you want your heritage/legacy to be?

Yesterday we remembered Maryjo and supported the Morin family. The church was packed, not surprising really, many people love Maryjo and her men. There were thoughts and memories shared by her sons. As Mike spoke of his mother he confirmed his mother’s love for others, and how they were raised to have hearts for those around them. What a legacy! It is an amazing heritage, and Maryjo will live through this heritage for generations. Mike, the verse you shared (Phil. 1:6) was so appropriate. God’s good work was evident in your Mom!

What do you want your heritage/legacy to be? As the Pastor spoke at Maryjo’s funeral he focused on the verse Philippians 1:21. He mused on the idea that in order to understand why “to die is gain”, you must first be like Christ. If your life is focused on wealth, then to die is loss. If you’re life is focused on self, then to die is loss. I couldn’t help but think how limited the thought of life is if your view life as only the very few years you actually live on Earth. Are we really only put here for 1 – 100 years to take, then were done? Is that sustainable? Anyway, that’s another blog I suspect.

Maryjo lived like Christ. She loved, she supported, she taught and corrected. So for her death was gain! It is a loss for her family. It is a loss for our church. It is a loss for many others. But I am confident that on Tuesday September 18th 2012 Heaven and Maryjo both gained.

In Romans 12:15 we are reminded of how relationships in the Kingdom of God should be. This week has been a tough week for my loved and dear friends the Morin’s. I believe it is safe to say that Maryjo’s legacy is seen in how many of our family is hurting with her passing.

I know I’m going to miss being called “sweety” and “sweetheart”. I’m also going to miss having a Saint like her representing our church to those that come in every day. I’m even going to miss her friendly reminders to pay my bills (the bills my boys seem to rack up at the coffee bar during worship practices).

She was a strong, beautiful and committed woman. Her heritage will be seen for generations through her family. A heritage of sacrifice, servanthood and hard work; A heritage that didn’t put up with whining and gossip; but a Heritage of Love and Commitment. She was an amazing example of Christ!

Maryjo Morin, I will miss you. I’m going to miss seeing you every service in the 2nd row smiling and encouraging us as we all entered into worship! Jean Marie, if you weren’t so old I’d think we were brothers. You’re a blessing to me and I hope to be the same to you. Marc Morin, you are a dear friend to me and have always lightened my burden. I hope one day I can do the same for you. I love you very much. Mike Morin, JC and Daniel J Morin, your mom was special to many of us. Though we weren’t able to call her Mom, she felt like it to many of us. You are all loved. Thank you for everything your family has been to me and our church, since its inception. We are better because of your family and we are standing beside your through this difficult time.


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