Have you donated your life to something? Or just volunteer occasionally? ~ Christ Followers

I have been wrestling with the direction of my blog lately. I don’t seem to have much “religious” stuff to talk about. My thoughts have been more in business and leadership, but over a lunch with my boss I was stirred to thought in my Spirit. Have I donated my life to Christ and His kingdom, or do I just volunteer occasionally?

Currently on my to do list you’ll find the following things (not in any particular order). Finish building my families new house, run the Division my boss has placed me in charge of, grow the Division, start a new Division as of January 1st, run the worship bands and ministries at my church (including the maintenance of equipment), chair two Chamber committees, fulfill my Board of Director responsibilities with both the Chamber of Commerce and Bridges and Foundations, be the best husband I can be, be a present, loving and involved father to my two sons, attend at least one or two work functions after hours a week…Well I think you get the point. I’m busy, as many of you are. I am also involved in many other activities that aren’t on this list but seem to take up mental space and time every week. I wonder what I’ve donated my life too?

In a seminar this morning we were lucky enough to hear the President of a not-for-profit in Saskatoon speak about her organization. She has donated her life to helping Metis people in Saskatoon live safer, healthier lives. It’s evident that her passion and heart are completely dedicated and given to this cause. She doesn’t volunteer at a few events a year that raise money for the cause. She lives and breathes this cause. She has donated her life to it. She has set aside a life directed at chasing selfish desires (I’m sure she still enjoys a few things) and has donated her years on Earth to making a difference.

I wonder how many of us Christians could say the same thing about themselves and Christ’s Kingdom?

I’ve been to the place where no one other than me seems to care about God or His gospel. I encounter this daily with my network of friends, colleagues and associates. The bible tells us this will happen. In Luke 8:11-15 we read that not all the seeds we sow will flourish. Some won’t even start to grow. I’m sure you’ve come across people that won’t even talk about God with you. Don’t let that discourage you. Don’t let it dwindle your passion. Don’t let it harden your heart to the point where you become a random volunteer instead of being fully dedicated to spreading the good news (not on a soap box).

So take a look at your life. Take inventory of what you’re busy with and you’ll see what you’ve donated your life too. I’ve heard the saying if you want to see what’s important to you, look at where you spend your time and money. If this is true, and I believe it is, I am failing in the area of being a Christ follower. I’m confident that our churches are filled with sporadic volunteers instead of lives that are donated to God’s family growing.

Have you donated your life to Christ? Or do you just volunteer occasionally (perhaps even then half-heartedly)? I know it is Thanksgiving in America today, so I will end with this. I’m thankful that Jesus donated his life for me, and didn’t just volunteer at a few potluck’s a year.


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