How One Day really does Matter

Occasionally we are all lucky enough to be inspired by something, or someone. Today was one of those days. I attended a luncheon for work where Peter Legge spoke. Peter is successful in many ventures and shared some of his lessons, and advice on how we can be successful. He was fantastic! I don’t buy people’s material a lot but I had to buy his latest book. 365 Days of Insights – to inspire and develop the unique Talents and Abilities within You. I was lucky enough to have been able to talk with him briefly afterwards and asked him to sign my copy. He graciously did. If you ever get the chance to see Peter speak I recommend you do. Otherwise you’ll have to settle with my inspirations from this event.

Recently one of my best friend’s mother died. I talk to my friend every day. One thing I am certain of is this; He would give anything for just one more day with his mom. One more day to say he loves her, one more day to say how he appreciates her, just one more day to be with her. How important is one day? The sad part is we often don’t think about the importance of one day until we don’t have them anymore.

I’ve been married for 11 years. One thing I know is success does not happen in one day. The opposite is also true. Failure does not happen in one day. It takes work, it takes commitment, and it takes time.

Take a minute to draw a line either in your mind or on paper. On the very left of the line put a zero. This is the day you started your life. At the right hand of the line write the age you think you will meet your maker (this doesn’t have to exact). Then to scale, place a line where your age is now. Here’s the truth; What has happened between now and your birth doesn’t matter. You can’t change it or do anything about it. But look ahead, that’s your life’s runway. That’s what you have left. What are you going to do with it?

I have approximately 20805 days left to live. What’s happened to me in the past will only affect my future if I let it. You see I’m responsible for today. I’m responsible for my attitude. I’m responsible for my mood. I’m also responsible for my success or failure. I’m reminded of the saying, ”What lies behind you and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what’s inside you.” I can hear people now, but you don’t know what I’ve had to go through. You’re right. But I do know that if you don’t move on, you’ll stay there, and you’re probably not having much success in your current position if you’re already making excuses as to why you can’t move on. Make the decision to move on!

Today is important. Treat it like it is. I suspect I only have a few more opportunities to take my boys sledding (even if I don’t want to), and soon they won’t want to go anymore. Why procrastinate?


My bestfriend and our two boys. A reminder for me to make today count!

Your business, , your clients/customers, your employees, your friends, your spouse, your kids all need today to be important! Look at your line again. How can you make the rest of your life a success? It’s simple, by making today one, and again tomorrow, and so on and so on. I’ve heard that success is the ability to make good decisions. Make one today. Change what’s getting in the way of what’s important to you. Make the decision to treat your employees better. Make the decision to tell your spouse how amazing they are, and how much you love and need them. Make the decision to love your kids all of the time, and show it. Make the decision to seize today. One day matters! Encourage the people around you. When we are encouraged and motivated we can dig deep, and accomplish more than we have ever dreamed. Today matters. Make good decisions, and find success.


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