Gun Control a Right, Healthcare a Privilege ~ A Christian Nation?

The last two days have been emotional for many people. Though I can’t pretend to understand what it feels like, my heart has broke hearing the stories and imagining my own family. There really can be nothing said to comfort anyone right now. All I can seem to muster is I’m so sorry!

At the risk of being to early (though the news media talking about not talking about the other issues in Newtown seems to show that people are at least thinking about the reasons this stuff occurs), I honestly can’t believe guns are “needed” by the public in a logical, democratic and educated country . I feel like I’ve watched a child have a hissy fit every time Gun Control is mentioned. For those that don’t know, I’m Canadian. I understand that guns have a purpose. I know many hunters that are great people. I don’t believe hunting rifles are an issue. If they were, our gun murders would be a lot higher then they are. Hunter’s and hunting rifles are not the problem. Hand gun or assault/semi automatic weapons are.

It’s even more astonishing to me how America, a proclaimed Christian Nation (where 73% of it’s citizens claim to be Christian), either haven’t united together in the cause against these deadly assault weapons or at the very least stood up and didn’t fight for their personal right to bear arms (an out of date constitution none the less. It’s not like you’re living in the middle of no where without a police force anymore). For followers of Christ they sure seem to have missed the message. The Message our Saviour came to Earth to share and die for. A message of life, hope and love. Guns are none of these.

I’ve heard it argued that Guns don’t kill people. You’re right, but they make it a lot easier. I also understand there are other issues here, however the Guns are what made the mass murder possible. If the killer had a knife the results would have been different. Mental illness or no mental illness. Why do you need a weapon made to assault a human? If you fought hand guns and assault weapons like we fight drugs and terrorism things like this would at the least become harder to do. Isn’t that worth it? If you’re answer is anything but yes, and you are a Christian you have to reflect back on Christ. Christ showed us that our personal rights pale in comparison to our social duty. It’s time to die to your right to have a deadly weapon in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, one person’s life will be saved. Doesn’t that sound like Love?

A country that on one hand says we are Christ followers, but on the other says Guns are a right, and Health care’s a privilege; where I am more important than the needy. Seems Christlike to me (sarcastic if you didn’t catch it).

Families are hurting. We need to as a human race figure out how we can stop this. We are killing ourselves. We share emotions, we share bodies. We all know what hurt feels like because we are all the same. Hurting another human is damaging ourselves. Our core. The bible illustrates a picture of the Christian family as one body. The metaphor is relatable because we all understand our bodies. I know without experience that getting shot can be deadly and painful. When did it make sense for us to inflict the pain we wouldn’t want ourselves onto someone else? Someone that feel it, and experience the pain exactly like we would.

I’m so sorry for those that have lost loved ones. This was a senseless act, that was without reason. I hope we learn as a human race from this and choose to be better. I’m praying for everyone affected by the events in Newtown on Friday.


One thought on “Gun Control a Right, Healthcare a Privilege ~ A Christian Nation?

  1. Hey, have you read “Unspeakable” by Os Guinness? Related to the problem of evil and not specifically gun control, but an amazing read. I think it is one of the books that everyone should read. I am about two thirds of the way through it…it is well done.


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