Does God Exist? ~ Stress, Sin and needing Help

I have never been as stressed as I have been over the past 3 months in my entire life. I’ve lost weight, felt like I was having heart attacks and have lost a lot of sleep. I can probably admit that most of my stress has come from a reliance on myself.. But still, I’m God’s child right so why isn’t he helping me? Maybe God doesn’t exist.

We have just finished the Easter season. My pastor gave a unique perspective to the reality of Jesus’ death and resurrection. I’m sure you’ve all seen a reality cop show once or twice. It doesn’t take long for a friend of the criminal to change his story and confess that their friend is guilty. Perhaps you’ve been in a similar situation. It’s easy to say God doesn’t exist but it’s very hard to get past the disciples testimonies. All of the disciples were murdered, tortured even for their belief in Jesus. Funny how a criminal’s friend can’t keep the lie up, but one of Christ’s disciples would die for a story. How many people would die for something that wasn’t true, something they didn’t actually see. Seems to me maybe they did actually see what we believe today.

So if God really exists why are we stressed? I really don’t know but I do know that God is bigger than our stress. I’m literally the worst person ever to talk about this lately. As I’ve said I’ve been so stressed that it actually hurts. I’ve been pulled in so many directions I barely know where to go. The times I do actually recognize I need to give it to God I turn into this legalistic believer. I find myself thinking I need God to help me with A, so I better not sin until he does.

What a cycle. Why is it that my gut instinct is to be perfect if I want God to help me? And why do I not just allow God to be in control so I don’t stress?

As far as I can tell, and I believe scripture backs me on this, God is Faithful and in Control. Perhaps even the self-inflicted situations that cause us stress are easy for God to handle. It’s easy to believe that God is ready to help but I often feel guilty because I’m the one that got me into this mess. I often find myself thinking that if we’ve dug ourselves in a hole by not listening to Him why would He help. I even question if He should. Have you ever felt that way? The God that I read about, and believe in (not just because 13 of His closest friends were willing to die instead of changing their story) seems to be pretty gracious. Perfection doesn’t seem to be a requirement for His grace and/or help. All we need to do is recognize our need for Him, and humbly ask for his help. God will be there.

No matter how seemingly big or small your stress is give it to God. Stress isn’t measured by the size of the problem.. It’s measured by the length you have to carry it. When you have to lift a cup of water for 3 days it doesn’t matter that the cup only weighs a few ounces as it’s impossible to keep it up for that long on your own. Small problems can be big burdens.

If you’re stressing, turn to God. I believe He exists and I believe He will give you peace.. I even believe He will do the same for me, and until then I will do what Phillipians 4:6 tells me to do. Pray and let God be God.


3 thoughts on “Does God Exist? ~ Stress, Sin and needing Help

  1. Thanks for being transparent. I’ve been where you are now. I’d say a good reminder of why things are the way they are is that we live in a broken world. Usually things like stress, are our own creations (at least in my experience).

    I don’t really have any solid advice for you, other than to hang in there. Slow and steady.

  2. Agree, Kevin Daniel. 🙂 Life is messy and we are not always capable of the clean up. It’s okay to let God do it…it’s also okay to try to help even though it feels like we’re like our 3 year old helping and we actually are making a bigger mess or making the clean up take longer. Eventually the 3 year olds learn how to get through it…eventually…my kids are 7 and 4…ahem. 🙂

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